Solutions for SYSPRO New Release
July 28, 2014
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General Enhancements and Corrections
Please see the list below for the most recent enhancements and corrections made to the EDI, Shipping, Handheld Solutions, and more. We have endeavored to test the changes as thoroughly as possible, but as all releases share the same code base there is always the possibility of an unforeseen complication. Best practices include local testing and user sign-off prior to going live in any production environment. If any problems arise, please notify us.
SYSPRO 6.0 Issue 10 Updates by Request, Only
For some time now, we have announced limited support for SYSPRO 6.0 Issue 10 and have recommended upgrading to SYSPRO 6.1 SP1.  Now, and going forward, we will make our new releases for 6.0 Issue 10 available by request, only.  If SYSPRO 6.0 Issue 10 is still being run in a live environment, we recommend contacting your SYSPRO dealer as soon as possible for establishing an update plan and timeline for implementation.

 852 Import

Added LQ code which is the same as LO but puts quotes around the location.

865 Export

Corrected support for CUR segment

Added AMT segment

FTP System

Added ability to send direct FTP commands before and after a GET and before a PUT.

Reporting documents

Added ability to output fixed or default information

Handheld Shipments

Allowed selection of backorder lines when displaying lots and bins on the handheld.

856 Export

Corrected spurious PO405 at unrequested HL levels.

860 Import

Previous release changed BCH01 = "04" to a cancel and create a new order instead of updating the order. This has been reversed and a new option on the BCH tab added to allow control.

BCH01="05" configured to cancel existing order and create a new one.

810 Export

Added CTP01 code

SAC Tax export allows for zero value segments.

855 Export

Modified CTP setup to match 810. Documents using CTP segments should be checked to verify proper conversion.

850 Import

Recognize customer stock codes in REF segments

Shipping Solution

When requesting freight cost at the shipment level. Enabling the freight calculator will allow for expanded calculation of the freight charge.

Input Sort

Added a filter when using the binary read method to remove control characters (except CR and LF) and characters above a tilda.

870 Export

Added ability to select ISR03 from custom form field


Since 1991, as developer of the standard EDI, Shipping, and Freight Calculator Solutions for SYSPRO, our products are fully integrated with SYSPRO and drive efficiencies for hundreds of users worldwide.


For 35 years, SYSPRO has had a single product focus resulting in an award-winning ERP system with a track record of success for over 14,000 customers worldwide.