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Cadacus WCF Service

Released :  February 11, 2016

 Installing the Cadacus WCF service:

    1. Install the FULL server version (not the client version) of Microsoft .NET 4.0 (if not already installed) - Link to Microsoft Download Site
      IMPORTANT: if the installation program tells you that .NET 4.0 is required, cancel the installation and load it from the above link to the Microsoft Download Site. Do not allow the installation program to load .NET as it will only load the client version, not the server version.
    2. Download the WCF service from this link.
    3. Run the installation program.
    4. Go to the Administrator Services control panel and start the CadacusWCFService.

WCF service testing and troubleshooting:

      • To verify that the WCF service is working properly, go here to test connections to the service.
      • To activate application event logging for analysis and troubleshooting, go here.





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