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Cadacus Support System


Cadacus Support System

Released : December 05, 2018 

The above download  is an installation program for the SYSPRO application server and/or the workstation where Cadacus solutions support is needed for printing, scales, scripting and other interfaces.  To test the installation or to check the release level installed, find "CadacusDLLTest.exe" in the Programs directory where the Cadacus Support System is installed and run it (see example DLLtest below):


Steps for installation:

  1. Click the "Cadacus Support System" link above to download.
  2. Install Microsoft .NET Frameworks 4.5, if needed.
    Note: If there are questions about which version of the Microsoft .NET Frameworks is installed, go to Start-->Run-->Regedit and go to this path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE-->SOFTWARE-->MICROSOFT-->NET Framework Setup-->NDP 
    and if .NET Frameworks 4.5 is installed, it should look something like this:
    Net Framework Version
    If the registry sub-key "Full" is not present, then .NET Frameworks 4.5 is not installed.  The number under the "Data" column in the "Release" key in the registry example above defines the specific version of .NET installed.  A value of "378389" means .NET Framework 4.5 is installed.  Values higher indicate more recent versions of .NET-- for details from Microsoft go here.
  3. If .NET Frameworks 4.5 is not installed, click here to get it, but before installing it, verify the requirements are a match for your target environment and test appropriately.
  4. Run the installation program on the SYSPRO application server and workstation where needed to support printing, scales, scripting and other interfaces.



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