Note:  first open Internet Explorer (IE) on the handheld device and verify network connectivity by entering the URL sfshh.com (this is the shorthand version of our Solutions for SYSPRO Handheld manual download page);  alternatively, enter something like google.com or msn.com.

Testing the Cadacus WCF Service:

  • To test whether the Cadacus WCF Service is properly connecting and functioning, open a browser on the server and enter the following URL (it is not case sensitive):


The following response should be returned:

Note:  the following "Hello" test must be successfully run in Internet Explorer on the Handheld device; otherwise, a handheld device configuration issue or a local network connection issue exists.

  • To test outside the server to verify there is no firewall or device configuration blocking access, go to a mobile device (or workstation) and enter the same URL replacing “localhost” with the name or IP address (preferred) of the server. The same response should be received, as in this example:

  • If the Cadacus Android or iOS mobile apps are being used, the SYSPRO username and password entered into the registry can be checked by entering the following URL:


It should return the following:

If the above response is not returned, check the registry setting to "User", "UserPassword", "Company" and "CompanyPassword" as indicated int the Cadacus Mobile app tutorial.

  • To check the version of the WCF service installed, enter the following URL, which should return version information, as in this example:

More troubleshooting if the WCF Service stops

If the Cadacus WCF Service continues running after attempting handheld transactions, the issue is likely to be related to other network communications.

However, if the service check is not working and the WCF Service is stopped after any communications, it might be due to having more than one version of SYSPRO on the server which tends to cause an e.Net registration issue and may be addressed as follows:

-- Find the icon for the command prompt.  Right click and choose "Run as administrator".  It is not good enough to be logged in as administrator.  The word "Administrator" should be in the title of the window when it is running.

-- While in the "Administrator" command prompt, changed directory (CD) to the SYSPRO base folder and run the following register command:

REGSVR32 Encore.dll

The command line should return a message that the dll was successfully registered.

-- Now, go to Start-->Run  RegEdit

Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\SYSPRO\e.net solutions

In that registry setting, look at the BaseDir value and make sure it points to the proper SYSPRO base folder (example shown below)

-- Restart the WCF Service


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