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FedEx Web Services Registration / Keys



If the company is not already registered with a FedEx.com Login (User ID and password) at the FedEx site, U.S. customers may register  here.  The FedEx.com registration offers using an existing FedEx account number with a new FedEx.com Login, or, optionally, creating a FedEx.com Login and adding a new FedEx Account number, if needed.

Freight account

If the company does not already have a FedEx Freight Account, apply for it  here.  This process usually takes a few days to complete, since a FedEx representative contacts the applicant by phone for confirmation purposes.

Keys and meter number

To get a Production Authentication Key, a Test Key must first be obtained.  To do this, log-in to FedEx.com and go to the FedEx Developer Resource Center here and follow these steps:

  • Navigate to "Learn-->FedEx Office Web Services-->Develop and Test";  click on the "Get your test key" button;
  • Enter requested company name and email information and for "Country", select "US and Global";
  • Accept the License Authorization agreement;
  • Confirmation will provide a Developer Test Key as a required step prior to making a Production Authentication Key request (example below):

  • Return to the FedEx Developer Resource Center and under "FedEx Office Web Services", select "Move to Production"; click the "Get Production Key Button";
  • Enter the contact information requested;
  • Accept the License Agreement, if prompted;
  • Complete the "Application Profile" as follows:


  • A Production "Authentication Key" and "Meter Number" will be provided similar to the example below.  Keep this information in a safe place as it will be needed to enable FedEx Web Services for the Shipping solution.


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