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Company-specific shortcuts

Some companies might prefer to have a separate named shortcut on the handheld device for the Cadacus SFS Handheld Solution.  Follow the steps below to setup customized company shortcuts.


Customizing Handheld Solution Shortcuts

1.  Create a custom shortcut on a Windows machine.

  • Open Notepad on a Handheld-dockable Windows machine and create a new file containing the following:

In the above example, the number "40" represents the number of characters following the pound sign (#), and the count includes the double-quotes.

  • In Notepad, select "File--> Save As" and enter whatever customized shortcut name is desired.  The "Save as type:" should be "All Files (*.*)" and the file extension "lnk" should be added to the file name-- in the example below, TheOutdoorsCo.lnk:

Note:  if further editing of the shortcut file is needed, open Notepad, then drag and drop the lnk file into it for editing.

2.  Dock the handheld device to the Windows machine and copy the .lnk file created above to some folder on the handheld.  

3.  On the handheld, use File Explorer to copy the link file from wherever it was placed above to, for Windows Mobile, "\Windows\Start Menu\Programs".  The shortcut should now appear in the Start menu.  Note:  the Start menu path may be different for a different version of handheld operating system, such as CE.


Customizing Shortcuts and Titlebars per Company

For customizing shortcuts for each company and/or the Handheld Solution titlebar, follow the same steps as above while appending the three parameters shown below.  The "data" parameter must be unique folder for each company.  The "title" can be whatever is desired, excluding spaces.  The "dummy" parameter is to avoid end-of-line issues.  The number at the beginning of the .lnk file is the count of all ASCII characters, including spaces, following the pound (#) sign.





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