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Release Information

Solutions for SYSPRO New Release

through February 11, 2016
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If your company is running any version of SYSPRO prior SYSPRO 6.1 SP1, an update to SYSPRO 6.1 SP1 or SYSPRO 7.0 is required.
SYSPRO 7 Installation / Update
If SYSPRO 7 is being installed or updated, please click here to review important requirements that may impact the installation/update process.
General Enhancements and Corrections
Please see the list below for the most recent enhancements and corrections made to the EDI, Shipping, Handheld Solutions, and more. We have endeavored to test the changes as thoroughly as possible, but as all releases share the same code base there is always the possibility of an unforeseen complication. Best practices include local testing and user sign-off prior to going live in any production environment. If any problems arise, please notify us.
 Release note:
There was a February 9 release before this February 11 release with the only difference being a minor change to the Shipping and Handheld solutions in this latest release.  If the Shipping or Handheld solution is being used and the February 9 release was installed, please download and install the February 11 release to ensure the latest changes are included.

EDI Import - 810 Invoice 
  • Enhanced A/P invoice import to use SYSPRO business objects to support real-time G/L
  • Enhanced 810 to match on both PO and vendor number
EDI Import - 830 Planning Schedule with Release
  • Updated to work with SYSPRO 7's new logic on contract price breaks
EDI Import - 850 Purchase Order
  • Enhanced Pricing 1 tab to enable using retail versus discounted price
  • Updated to prevent displaying Pricing Errors warning when no pricing errors existed
  • Updated 850 and 875 to properly use the "Invoice Whole Order Only" option
  • Enhanced to optionally create purchase orders rather than sales orders
EDI Import - 860 PO Change
  • Corrected to update sales orders when POC segment exists
EDI Import - 945 Warehouse Shipping Advice
  • Corrected DSRUN error
  • Corrected "Procedure not found" error on inbound 945s
EDI Export - 810 Invoice
  • Corrected "always send" option on the "Country Options" tab of the address configurations
  • Corrected missing lot numbers when configuration is set to generate them
EDI Export - 846 Inventory Advice
  • Enhanced to disregard warehouses with negative quantity
  • Corrected combining quantity of warehouses when that option is selected
EDI Export - 856 Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN)
  • Corrected duplicate MAN serials on the same ASN when packing multiple items in random order
EDI Export - 940 Warehouse Shipping Document
  • Eliminated unnecessary error messages as 940 does not export miscellaneous charges
  • Corrected MOA+203 line item amount calculation
EDI Custom Form Fields (CFF)
  • Enhanced to allow CFFs to use dash "-"
EDI Input Sort
  • Corrected Input Sort hang under certain conditions;  updated EDIBOS
EDI Sales Orders
  • Corrected conversion of UOM when other than "stocking" was selected

Handheld Solution - Allocations
  • Corrected ability to manually enter quantities while scanning stock, bin, and lot
Handheld Solution - Bin Transfers
  • Corrected conflicting bin validation options due to a deprecated SYSPRO bin table
Handheld Solution - Employee Settings
  • Corrected limited display of handheld employee setting information when needing to change/edit it
Handheld Solution - Job Receipts
  • Added list view to the bottom of the handheld screen for Job Receipts
Handheld Solution - Labeling
  • Corrected sending job number to the labeling system for Visual Issues
  • Corrected how WipMaster stock code for the part being issued is sent to labeling system
  • Added SQL command to label control file to provide access to SequenceNum information
Handheld Solution - Receiving
  • Corrected  "unexpected problem" error on Receiving
Handheld Solution - Shipment Import
  • Corrected handheld shipment import error causing subsequent errors reported when none existed

Shipping - Auto Pro
  • Improved file handling and file locks
Shipping - Batch Shipping
  • Expanded customer field to 15 digits to conform to SYSPRO 7 requirements
Shipping - Dispatch Notes
  • Corrected duplicate line issue when shipping from dispatch notes
Shipping - LTL Shipments
  • Enhanced to use the Ship-Via to SCAC additional charge and cost multipliers for LTL shipments
Shipping - Preview
  • Corrected Packing Slips 1 tab to show Delivery Note preview if that option is selected
Shipping - UPS
  • Enhanced setup to allow "Residential Extra Surchage" in the Carrier Information Setup
  • Corrected UPS email addresses longer than 35 characters
Shipping - USPS Postage
  • Corrected automatic purchasing of USPS postage when option is selected
Shipping - Ship Via
  • Corrected need to manually enter Ship-Via in some cases to avoid "No Ship-Via" error


Since 1991, as developer of the standard EDI, Shipping, and Freight Calculator Solutions for SYSPRO, our products are fully integrated with SYSPRO and drive efficiencies for hundreds of users worldwide.


For 35 years, SYSPRO has had a single product focus resulting in an award-winning ERP system with a track record of success for over 14,000 customers worldwide.