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Release Information

Solutions for SYSPRO New Release

through July 27, 2016
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If your company is running any version of SYSPRO prior SYSPRO 6.1 SP1, an update to SYSPRO 6.1 SP1 or SYSPRO 7.0 is required.
SYSPRO 7 Installation / Update
If SYSPRO 7 is being installed or updated, please click here to review important requirements that may impact the installation/update process.
General Enhancements and Corrections
Please see the list below for the most recent enhancements and corrections made to the EDI, Shipping, Handheld Solutions, and more. We have endeavored to test the changes as thoroughly as possible, but as all releases share the same code base there is always the possibility of an unforeseen complication. Best practices include local testing and user sign-off prior to going live in any production environment. If any problems arise, please notify us.

EDI Import - 820 - BAI Lockbox
  • Corrected case where total transfer amount was unequal to individual payments
EDI Import - 850 - Purchase Order
  • Corrected to show the revision code in the sales order as a REV comment line
  • Updated to get the location number from an SDQ
  • Corrected storing of "state" in ShipToAddr4
  • Corrected SQL error when SAC segment is attempting to create a miscellaneous charge
  • Corrected Shipping Instructions Code in sales order
  • Updated to enable setting 850's to not allow creating duplicate sales orders
  • Corrected case to ensure Active and Canceled flags are properly set
  • Corrected condition creating duplicate key
EDI Import - 856 - ASN
  • Corrected to use document lot numbers (if defined)
EDI Import - 862 - Shipping Schedule
  • Corrected updating of sales order lines when multiple releases have the same ship date
EDI Import - 945 - Warehouse Shipping Advice
  • Corrected to reset an order if stock had already been allocated while using theoretical UOMs
  • Enhanced to include option to release sales orders to status 8 only if no errors on import
EDI Export - 810 - Invoice
  • Updated to generate invoice line details for multiple consolidated invoices
  • Corrected isolated cases of field length size issues in SYSPRO 7
  • Corrected 810 (and 880) to prevent zero invoice number in certain cases
EDI Export - 850 - Purchase Order
  • Updated to allow for alphanumeric PO numbers
EDI Export - 855 - PO Acknowledgement
  • Enhanced to allow mapping to filter based on order type
EDI Export - 856 - ASN
  • Updated to increase length of YNQ segment to 150 characters
  • Corrected radio button losing selection after saving in setup
  • Enhanced to allow a custom form field defined for a lot number
EDI Export - 870 - Order Status Report
  • Corrected handling of sales order with a REJ ITM comment
EDI Export - 940 - Warehouse Shipping Document
  • Corrected to properly exclude comments when using option to "exclude those not starting with NOTE"
  • Expanded UNB ID and qualifier fields for full EDIFACT support
EDI Automation
  • Updated to prevent certain Run Time Error messages during scheduled task automation
EDI Contract Expiry Dates
  • Corrected to consider contract expiry dates greater than the year 2049
EDI Data Dictionary
  • Corrected data dictionary entry for EDIExternalLog
  • Modified FTP program to correct exception handling
EDI Trigger Program
  • Corrected posting of some entries in the EDITracking table
EDI Update
  • Updated EDIUpdate SQL to account for certain drop constraint requirements

Shipping - UPS rates
  • Added UPS support for both Daily and Retail rates-- either can be used for either the cost or charge part of the freight line
Shipping - Cartons
  • Enhanced for adding cartons tracking stocked items to order based on carton selected in end pack screen
Shipping - Addon Items
  • Enhanced to add items at zero price or default price based on custom form field value
Shipping - Backorder Release
  • Corrected backorder releases from overriding negative on hand quantities setting
Shipping - Batch Serials
  • Corrected error when using batch serial numbers with expiration dates which have passed
Shipping - Charge Codes
  • Corrected shipping station charge code use for 2nd orders on shipments
Shipping - Dispatch Notes
  • Corrected order line comments from appearing on the dispatch invoice, if option set
Shipping - Pro Numbers
  • Enhanced to have multiple thresholds to warn user about Pro Numbers running out
Shipping - Shipment Cancellation
  • Corrected cancellation of prior shipments not cancelling the dispatch (showed pending)
Shipping - Starship
  • Corrected missing sales tax in amount passed to Starship for COD orders
  • Updated Starship interface to add the user Windows folder to the list of Starship .ini expected locations
  • Enhanced use of the coded service in the Ship-Via to SCAC Cross Reference
  • Enhanced information going back to Starship to include new SCAC and PRONumber parameters
Shipping - UPS Labels
  • Updated Maxicode to prevent a spurious "A" warning in certification
Shipping - Station
  • Enhanced to allow full 10 characters for shipping station

Handheld - Carton Count
  • Corrected carton count in shipments when scanning the tote ID
Handheld - Job Receipts
  • Corrected condition where stock code was not transferring from script properly
Handheld - Sales Order allocations
  • Enhanced to provide new "SO Allocations" module
Handheld - Sales Order transfer
  • Corrected transfer when multiple stock codes are on the order
Handheld - Shipment Import
  • Corrected condition where shipping from Handheld created "Posting Error"
Handheld - Shipping
  • Corrected an error condition that occurred during a Shipping scan


Since 1991, as developer of the standard EDI, Shipping, and Freight Calculator Solutions for SYSPRO, our products are fully integrated with SYSPRO and drive efficiencies for hundreds of users worldwide.


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