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Cadacus WCF Service (version 2) Download and Installation
This latest version of our Cadacus WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) Service features queued posting for improved performance.  

Steps for installation:

  1. Requirement:  click here to be sure the minimum version of Microsoft .NET Framework is installed.  It also contains the link to get the required .NET Framework from the Microsoft download site, if needed.
  2. Click the download link below and save the file.  Then navigate to it and run the installation program "as Administrator" (required) on the SYSPRO application server (example below).  Follow the prompts of the installation program.

Run installation program as administrator

Cadacus WCF Service version 2
Released : September 20, 2018 

Important:  if the Cadacus installation program tells you .NET 4.0 is required, cancel it and get the proper .NET from the link in step 1 above. Do not allow the Cadacus WCF Service installation program  to load .NET as it will only load the client version, not the required server version.

  1. To edit the configuration for this service, Notepad must be "run as administrator", e.g.:

Run Notepad as Administrator

  1. While in Notepad, navigate to the directory where the Cadacus WCF Service was installed, e.g.:

Edit WCF Configuration

  1. Make the changes in the example below and save it:

Modify WCF Service

  1. Go to Windows Services and "Start" the Cadacus WCF Service


Cadacus WCF Service testing and troubleshooting


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