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Cadacus Solutions are now ready for SYSPRO 7

Urgent NOTICE as of  August 1, 2013 

  1. Database tables have been updated to be ready for SYSPRO 7.
  2. Upgraded tables are compatible across all supported SYSPRO versions.
  3. Take extra care in  TESTING  the installation and conversion.
  4. TEST the SQL conversion by extracting EDIUpdate.SQL from the release and execute it against a test database.
  5. It may be required to temporarily remove some custom SQL database changes that affect the required SYSPRO 7 upgrade script, such as:
    • Triggers
    • Stored Procedures
    • Replication

If assistance is needed, please contact your dealer or SYSPRO.

Current Release :  

 May 5, 2019

Please select the link below to download the latest Solutions for SYSPRO release for SYSPRO


SYSPRO 6.1 SP1 support has ended

Support for all versions of SYSPRO below SYSPRO 7.0 Update 1 ended December 31st, 2017. All customers using SYSPRO 6.1 must update to SYSPRO 7.0 Update 1 or SYSPRO 8 to continue receiving enhancements.

Note for SQL based companies

There is a SQL script EDIUpdate.sql copied to the base\scripts directory during the update. This script must be run against each SQL Company. To Run, load it into the SQL Query analyzer select the SYSPRO database and run it.  For details, go to Tutorials--> Installation/Upgrades--> SQL Scripts and SYSPRO 7 Installation/Update, or click here.

Note for creating new companies

There is a SQL script EDITables.sql which can be used to create the EDI/Shipping tables for a new company. The conversion wizard EDIWZS (see below) may also be used (skipping the bulk copy process).

Note for upgraders with a SQL based SYSPRO tables and C-ISAM EDI/Shipping tables

Until early in 2007 the EDI and Shipping systems worked with a SQL SYSPRO company setup, however, the EDI and Shipping data was maintained in C-ISAM data files. This is no longer supported. If the SYSPRO company is a SQL company, the EDI/Shipping tables must be in SQL. There is a conversion wizard to move the data from the C-ISAM files to SQL tables. To run the conversion load the programs as a normal update and then within SYSPRO perform a File, Run and enter EDIWZS as the program name. This wizard is similar to the SYSPRO conversion wizard. Please read the ISAM to SQL Conversion document before performing the conversion. This document is written for the SYSPRO conversion wizard, but the EDI conversion wizard is 90% the same. The most important section is the discussion of the temp directory for the SQL BULK INSERT. If your conversion fails, the selection of this directory is the most likely problem.

Installation tutorial

For detailed installation steps, go to Tutorials--> Installation/Upgrades--> Install Cadacus Solutions, or click here.



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