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TOPIC: Diagnosing Hung Automation

Diagnosing Hung Automation 3 years 7 months ago #515

  • richsilv
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We have recently "automated" Outbound Invoices for a Client, exporting 810s, 880s, and 894s...

On most evenings one of the processes will hang.

If I look at the hung session using the "Logout Users" listview, using "Program Details" I only see one Syspro Process "Admin Main SYSPRO Menu"; if I "Zoom" to see "Files Used", the files are all "Admin" files...

That is, there does not seem to be any EDI Processes or Files running/open...

Because of the Logging I have generated, I can tell which "Partner" was being exported at the time... And its not the same Partner every evening... And some evenings the script runs to conclusion without issue... So far, this situation *only* occurs when the script is run from the Windows Task Scheduler

For whichever partner was being "run" there are no "results", that is, no Report generated, no exported file (although there is some inferred information that suggests that the "Hanging Partner" would have not exported any transactions in that pass), no email... So I am also unsure whether the issue is "The EDI Process was never Started" or that "The EDI Process ran to conclusion, but Syspro did not exit"...

Has anyone any ideas of how to drag more information out of this situation before I try to submit this as an issue to Syspro/Cadacus?

The IMPACT line in the script is: (The tilde-tags are from Windows batch, this process is run from a loop; The start/stop values is passed from a Global Var... The Partner is generated in a For Loop)
IMPACT.EXE /oper=EDIaut /pass=XXXXXX /comp=G /cpas= /prog=EDI810 /LINK=~%1:REPRINT:START(%3):END(%4):

(Note, I usually have NODIALOG:NRINA: also set, but I removed them while chasing this issue)

I am hoping that someone can give me some ideas on
1) How to figure out whether the EDI Module was never started? Or Syspro didn't Exit?
2) Are there other options you'd suggest on the IMPACT line? /t? /h? /s?
3) Other ideas? Suggestions?

Environmental stuff...
The EDIaut Operator is a Syspro Admin; is configured for multiple logins.
EDI Emailing is enabled through an SMTP server. All Email Routes only use email addresses local to the Domain.
Although VBScripting is enabled, there are no VBScripts in use... (Cadacus SFS Support does not seem to be installed, maybe I should disable VBScripting)
The EDIaut operator is set to print to a Windows NULL Printer; Windows Printing is on; Print Dialog is off; Print Preview is off;
There do not appear to be any Custom Panes, Executive Views or any of that enabled/set up...
The Task is scheduled using my Windows Login, through Task Scheduler. (It is set to Terminate the process after 2 hours; a typical, manual run of the script takes less than 30 minutes on a loaded server)
The Server is running Windows Server 8 R2
SQL 2008
Syspro 6.1 Port 076
EDI Version is 09/22/2013 (Yes, we are trying to convince the client to move forward...)
Rich Silva
Silva Software Services
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Diagnosing Hung Automation 7 months 1 week ago #661

  • ksajonc
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Hi Rich,

I know this is an old one but did you ever figure out what was causing your automation processes to hang when run from the task scheduler? I am having a similar situation where the automation script runs fine from a batch file but when I try to run it through the task scheduler it locks up. At first I thought it being caused by the fact that I had it set to repeat every hour because when I turned that off the processes ran fine. However now I am having the same problem even if I have the repeat every hour option turned off and I am just running it once a day. It seems very inconsistent.

Any thoughts?

Keith Sajonc
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